mercredi 17 juin 2009

Fashion bobo...

Club street and Ann Siang Hill are another good spot for designers shopping. The streets is located in chinatown with all these small shophouses.

when I discovered the Agnes b. shop there, It reminded of this concept : BOBO!

This area and arab street are totally bobo is there style.

different kind of people

nice restaurants and cafes...

some details that I like to see...

designer shops

a cook passing by...

Different looks,

I want to swim in this blue! looks even better then Klein's blue,

imagination, freedom to create

Haji lane is this other street with shophouses

girls shopping

Bansky in Singapore

feels like shopping in the jungle!

so cute!

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La Femme Chic a dit…

Thank you for the comment! I have to admit, that I'm jealous of your french-ness! I really want to become fluent in french and live for a while in Paris. There's the dreamer part of me again haha!
P.S. I love your banner by the way.