mardi 23 juin 2009

Malacca Malacca

Malaysia is mostly a muslim country. The number of tourists from Iran and the gulf is fairly high...
facilities to obtain a visa when you are from Iran can impact your choice of destination...

I did not think I would see this kind of 'crows ' as we call the fanatic except in Iran specially not in South East Asia....

It's not the traditional picture we have from Malaysia - diving in bikini on an splendid beach.

yet, there women cover their hair and respect the Hijab which means the islamic veil.

For my part when I see girls that age with the hijab, I think it is such a shame....

Hopefully It s not a majority of young girls who wear the hijab, and veils are often colorful not like in the middle east where it would be seen as a provacative gesture

This girl was playing with her Girl friends. She should be 9. Does she even get why she has to have this hijab?

lundi 22 juin 2009

Bali Balo (again!)

Still have some pics and stories about my Bali trip...

old ladies in Munduk

Green, so green... wimbledon would be jealous...

This is super cute!

homies in Bali

Hardworking lady from the hills

Those two are photographers on a tourist site

They had the same outfit. Kinda skirtm photographers's jacket and this nice thing on the head.


mercredi 17 juin 2009

Fashion bobo...

Club street and Ann Siang Hill are another good spot for designers shopping. The streets is located in chinatown with all these small shophouses.

when I discovered the Agnes b. shop there, It reminded of this concept : BOBO!

This area and arab street are totally bobo is there style.

different kind of people

nice restaurants and cafes...

some details that I like to see...

designer shops

a cook passing by...

Different looks,

I want to swim in this blue! looks even better then Klein's blue,

imagination, freedom to create

Haji lane is this other street with shophouses

girls shopping

Bansky in Singapore

feels like shopping in the jungle!

so cute!

dimanche 14 juin 2009

Talking about fashion...part 1

Singapore is known for being a hot spot when it comes to high street shopping.

I was interested in knowing more about designers, small shops, where all the creativity lies!

So I took my camera to Haji lane in Arab street district

people are really friendly, you feel like shopping with a bunch of friends that inspire you, nothing like Paris fierce style competition race.

Each shop has its personal touch and soul

some people are quite daredevil...

Some are simply smoking shisha in the street from one of the many cafes

I met this rapper en herbe. He had a friendly crew shooting his pics for his next album.

some details from the shops = give me luck, give me money!

one of the best shop

I like the matching belt and scarf

hong kong designers actually...


lundi 8 juin 2009

Bali Balo

First time in Bali. It is stupid but I did not think it would be so big and so diverse, rice plantations, surfers, lovely people like nowhere else


Hiding in the fields!

Even with this aweful line I love this pic, I even think the line makes it real!

That's probably the magic about Bali..