mardi 17 mars 2009

Like a quiet sunday afternoon...

Like this song from the Velvet Undergroung, Sunday morning...


stop starring at me!

Flyin chair - let's sit and watch the stars!

makes me feel lazy

who's gonna win?


tomato legs

what a light!

dimanche 15 mars 2009

London's crazy saturday nights

I am a fanatic of London's crazy saturday nights.

Everything seems to be possible! You forget all your problems and want that feeling to last forever. At least, until the end of the night...

Some rather stay home...oh lonely boy.

With the crisis turns out that the frenzy has changed, but come on we all need the Saturday night feeling. Wearing nice clothes and get ready for dancing, gigs and just being silly. Pretend be someone else, pretend everything is fine in your life....and you want this feeling to last forever.

flirting DJ...

girls just want to have fun!

It makes you feel like everything is possible!

careful in this city, big brother is watching you!

lundi 9 mars 2009

Is it rainning or not?

That's the thing about London, you never know what you should expect! This afternoon started with a beautiful light, the kind of afternoon when you think there is no need of an umbrella...big mistake. Always get ready, for the worst or the best...

wandering in the streets...

people coming and their shadows

and then London's so familiar rain!

sometimes it makes you feel down...

you want to shout at people

You feel like you have lost it all.. gloomy day

While others are enjoying their time...

who doesn't hate these people when you have those days...

mardi 3 mars 2009

Unexpected Stockholm


Nothing of what I was expecting.

So much better indeed! Islands everywhere, welcoming people, a mixed and tolerant society.
Perfection? expected the weather and If you like to be in the dark at 2:00 in winter time...

On the river

on the window

oh little boy!

La ville royale

young boy in the tube...
young lady

Girl in Konditorei