lundi 21 septembre 2009

Let's dance tonight!

One of my best friend is crazy of Tango. She loves the passion, the energy and the aesthetic of this art. I hope that someday I will manage to see her dancing and take her picture.

Meanwhile I discovered an another dance that is full of joy and tells beautiful stories. Its Bali fantastic dances

Welcome in a world of beauty and poetry

It's music is repetitive with the Gamelan playing again and again the same rythme. It is pure transe.

The dancer are so graceful and delicate , their faces full of energy and character.

Their dance tells us a story. The bird who was too self absorbed because he was too beautiful. A story about the need of humility.

Dancers are rather young and playful. As for indian dances, the expression of their faces and their way of moving their fingers really count!


vendredi 18 septembre 2009

jeudi 17 septembre 2009

Indonesia Bali and its people

There are some places where you feel more then welcome.

It certainly sounds silly but there is this magic about bali. This calmness, this spirituality and the incredible nature.
It is not a place where you need to perform and prove what you are worth it.

You only need to be and appreciate the fact of living.

You get to meet amazing people, some wants to teach you things

beautiful landscapes you will never forget

simply smile and stop with all your questions about yourself

and people and their kindness

Of course I have hundreds other pictures I need to sort out and select!
keep you posted with that :-)