lundi 21 septembre 2009

Let's dance tonight!

One of my best friend is crazy of Tango. She loves the passion, the energy and the aesthetic of this art. I hope that someday I will manage to see her dancing and take her picture.

Meanwhile I discovered an another dance that is full of joy and tells beautiful stories. Its Bali fantastic dances

Welcome in a world of beauty and poetry

It's music is repetitive with the Gamelan playing again and again the same rythme. It is pure transe.

The dancer are so graceful and delicate , their faces full of energy and character.

Their dance tells us a story. The bird who was too self absorbed because he was too beautiful. A story about the need of humility.

Dancers are rather young and playful. As for indian dances, the expression of their faces and their way of moving their fingers really count!


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la flore et la faune . com a dit…

amazing costumes and expressions : so evocative and so colorful