samedi 22 janvier 2011

snowy Paris...mostly from my window...

I woke up on a sunny day thinking I am so happy to be there when we have such a nice weather...

The next day the view from my window changed to a really snowy landscape... quite a change when you live in Singapore 30 degrees all the time climate!

still from my window..

the little bench looks really lonely in the snow

I used to go my favourite spot by the lake and relax. This day was so cold I was freezing over there and needed to watch my step because the roads were slippery

so I decided to go back home and indulge my self in a hot chocolate it suits perfectly with the snow

a reflection seen from my living room

mardi 18 janvier 2011

flower power

on a quiet week end in Singapore.. boring but chilled... I decided to take a walk in the botanical garden orchids section ...

after alomost 2 years here.. the first impression was..shit! I should have tried it earlier! this place is really nice...

obviously you need to take a close look at everything . No need to rush...

It is always quite difficult to capture lights and colors from flowers.

Usually when I see photographers spending hours taking a pic from a tiny flower I find it boring.. and especially when I see the final picture. It is very hard to get a vivid result

After all it reminds me of landscapes they can be really plain and boring ..that's probably when the talent for composing a decent frame makes all the difference..

after this day, I realise I have a lot to learn..! Flowers can tell you beautiful stories but you need to know how to capture them

and there is technical skills involve but above all it requires patience

but sometimes it is just a question of following the light and colors

as if something was truly revealing itself only for you...