mardi 30 novembre 2010

on the boat...

from view point

mardi 23 novembre 2010

Oz on the road

looking for peaceful places

lundi 8 novembre 2010

Singapore Photo Festival

You probably barely heard of the second edition of the Photo Festival of Singapore probably because it was not very well advertised.

Even if the event was not a blast I think it is worth mentioning it since Singaporeans love photography and the city is doing its best to become an international centre for Arts.

Many events & exhibitions were taking place in the City around the annual theme of the festival: Human Nature.

From the ones that I missed... I wished I got a chance to see the Love Hotel work from Grace Kim. it reminds me of this show about voyeurism in London.

On Sunday, I took a look at the Old School at Mount Sofia which is an amazing place. It might look like a maze the first time you get there since finding your way around is a nightmare.

But when you take a walk inside its walls you can imagine kids playing around like back in the old times..there is something smooth and welcoming about the building even if it is big and white... I really like the surroundings...

The 2 galleries dedicated to photography located in the Old School are the 2902 and the Gallery.

In the Gallery I really enjoyed discovering the work of this Indian artist Palani Mohan.
Armed of his camera he followed the fanatics of Kushti an ancestral version of wrestling that is practised since 3000 years ago.

The work of Massimo Vitali was really impressive. Technically taking gigantic pictures of this quality and that detailed requires a lot of work.

His work is probably inspired of the post modern photographer Andreas Gursky - who is famous also for hitting sales record with a GBP 1.7 mio worth photography.

People in Vitali's work are pictured as small pieces in gigantic and beautiful landscapes, remaining us that maybe compared to Nature we are nothing?

if you want to know more about him {}

and finally I appreciated the work of Kris Vervaeke a set of pictures found on tombstones in graveyards... as the pictures are losing their original colors they suggest that there are fading away as the subject on the photography... reminding us that we are return to anonynity and human life is a paranthesis in the cycle of Nature.

All in all the festival was good initiative to learn more about photography and its evolutions... I did not mention all the "photoshop works" probably because I have a tendency to like traditional B&W old photography.

But technologies are playing a tremendous role in that they allow artists to let their imagination grow and fantasise about different universes. Zhao Renhui did a great photoshop work in imagining a parody of scientific expedition on a new island Pulau Pejantan.

But is this still photography or another form of Art?