dimanche 29 novembre 2009

Sapa - Vietnam

Come and see Sapa

Wonderful landscapes

all the different shades of green!!

there are places were you can walk forever

cute girls that help you to find your way.

They have their very own
outfit and jewels

I found them really pretty.

Sometimes they were asking for money to get the right to take their picture but most of the times they were asking you to buy their handicraft. good business!

This picture is so similar to one I took in Malacca! I can't explain why I have this fascination for young girls that are lost in their own toughts!

This baby face is adorable

and look at the twins!!

This mama was so funny, after I took her picture she came to me and ask to see her face on the camera. Then she hit me in a very friendly way because she found herself funny on the picture!

and this is a tiny snake which has the great power to kill you!!

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