lundi 23 novembre 2009

4th Affordable Photo Fair

..this what most people thought was written behind the guy on the picture. And the answer is .......LOST!!

For my part I have not lost neither my time, nor my money in taking part to the 4th Edition of the Affordable Photo Fair in Arab Street, Singapore.

The event was really great :-) The opportunity to make many young or more experienced photographers. Some manage to live from photography actually and
others rather keep a day job.

those are the pictures that I published for the event. I was limited to B&W because this set made more sense compared to my other works - according to the organizers.

London trains and St Paul's above, liverpool street below...

It is indeed very british!!

The public was eager to know
if those were
digital or not

the fact that most of them were taken in London
also made them
special here in Asia

The one above was taken in S'pore... one of the few!

But these kitchen tools could belong to anywhere!

London and Stockholm ...

many people asked
Is it a real kid on the above picture?!

So guess which one were the best sellers?

The 3 first ones on the top and these ones below

received actually a very
good feedback
from the public

Thanks to everybody who turned up at the fair. It was really great you guys made it and supported me. I was sick as hell and what could have been a horrible event turned out to be an awesome experience!

See u soon!

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