mercredi 2 décembre 2009

Naive art

OH, JOY!!!

The gallery Utterly Art* is having an exhibit of this artist Desmond Sim and I looked at his picture and read his statement and was immediately excited about his universe!

joy lies in simplicity he says

singapore fantastic @ sopi photos

and I could not stop myself of thinking of this Picasso painting - a great one in my opinion.
it belongs to the blue period of the artist if I am not wrong.

singapore fantastic @ sopi photos

Desmond Sim says : "I can never understand how people sometimes allow themselves to grow bitter woth age. How they wrap themselves with skepticism paint bitter pictures of the world in their minds, and then everything is miserable."

singapore fantastic @ sopi photos

"Live intensely. Give wholeheartedly. Learn to laugh a yourself, at others, at the world. Don't worry to much. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to love. Love more. Want less.

That is the secret to a happy life. So simple, babies do it."

I would say babies are not smart enough to be conscious of the concept of happiness...but I will be cynical!

singapore fantastic @ sopi photos

what is Naive art?

It is an art that looks childish and really simple to realize.

the colors, the shape and sometimes the lack of perspective could let us believe that it was
the work of children!

singapore fantastic @ sopi photos

I don't know if you managed to see this one in real but it is amazing!
It is from Rousseau, called le douanier Rousseau.

This guy never saw the jungle and only studied it through books. An for the lions and the other animals in his work, he spent hours spying on them at the zoo.

So it is nothing but a childish style. Usually there are tones of work to get the expected result!

Anyway, I think Naive Art as cheesy American Comedy have the power to cheer us up!
And sometimes it feels great to think that small things in our life are not so important!!

* about Utterly Art, the show goes until the 13th December and it is located 229A South Bridge Rd on level 2. Keng hong is a fascinating art addict!

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