jeudi 27 août 2009

If I was a City??!!

In the show Sex and the City, Carrie compares NYC to a real character .

The city takes such a tremendous part of her life that it is almost a real human being. Somebody with a soul, its own style and personality.

Somebody she loves and she is sure the city will always be there for her.

Sometimes the place is welcoming and you feel great, meet many people, feel a great connection between who you are and where you are.

Other times, you feel rejected. Lost in such a big place.
too big?

Can a city be considered as a real person in your life? Which part takes your location actually?

In a day when we are all constantly moving , travelling and relocating. Do we consider our new locations as friends, lovers or ennemies in our day life?





3 commentaires:

Le Journal de Chrys a dit…

Bon choix photo!!!

sousou a dit…

et paris ?????

poppy a dit…

c'est vrai et Paris!?? j'y ai même pas penser pardi!!!