jeudi 21 mai 2009

and now Singapore!

It's already been a month since I left London. Well I certainly don't miss the rain...
I am getting used to walking in the sauna - the streets of Singapore.
Going to swimming pool parties, working less then 12 hours a day, and married men hitting on me.
Well, life could be worse...

Let's give you an overview of what is going on over here. Some stuff might surprise me, like the cultural mix, the different religions and I might want to discuss that in this blog.

I guess sometimes I will only bullshit about the amazing number of bridal shops there are in Tanjong Pagar, right at the opposite of all strip clubs...mmh good to know you said?

Anyway, let's get it started!
This is lovers walking on boat quay on Friday night.

Funny staircase from HDB building probably. HDB are state owned building with moderate rent. I was surprised to visit one room in a HDB building one day and catch a whole family leaving in a single room. Their naked son probably around 5 was playing with a laptop while I was totally stunned they were paying no attention I was actually visiting the place to consider moving in , what i actually did not...
I realized I could afford just by myself the place where a whole family was living... waooo It felt awkward... and I am not specially well paid...
welcome to Asia!!!

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